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Recently Facebook announced the release of Facebook mail. Although it clearly mentioned that this will not be the next Gmail we should start re-thinking the email marketing principles.

It’s no longer communication, but conversation.
Facebook mail will integrate email together with sms, chat and video communication. All communication types will be mixed and brought together into conversations with friends and contacts. Natural filtering in trusted senders (friends and contacts) and non-trusted senders will be a fact. So as a company you should start thinking about getting liked, fanned or friend with your audience. Flip the funnel as Jaffe told us.
More and more articles published on blogs and in newsletters have a Facebook like button. Is this just another gadget or does the add-on have a real added value on your communication? The answer is YES! You would be surprised what that simple like button can do for you.

Whenever someone hits the like button, that particular article is published on his Facebook profile. This simple action has a direct impact on the coverage of your article, since it will widen your reach of contacts on the internet. This not only has a direct impact on your brand name, but also on the reputation and credibility of your post.