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Het email marketing landschap blijft steeds in beweging.  Hoewel email al meerdere malen dood werd verklaard is het nog steeds een vaste waarde in het interactieve landschap. Beter nog, recentelijke studies van ondermeer het IAB hebben duidelijk aangetoond dat het einde nog zeker niet in zicht is. Maar wat brengt het email marketing landschap anno 2012.
The address fold holds 4 main components:
• The from address
• The from name
• The reply address
• The subject line

Each of these 4 components has a particular impact on the success of your email marketing campaign.
The email body is certainly the most important element of your email campaign. It is this space that will determine the final effectives of your campaign. The email body is all about relevance - bringing the right message to the right person at the right moment and in the right tone of voice.
Landing page optimization can have a tremendous impact on your success rate. But it takes attention to detail and commitment. The time and effort taken to optimize landing pages will be returned many times in customer loyalty, improved conversion rates and higher return-on-investment. By developing the right look and feel of your landing pages, you can dramatically impact conversion results. Begin by looking at landing pages from your recipients’ perspectives.

These are 9 tips to help you building the perfect landing page
The Johnson box and email marketing, perhaps you don’t even see the potential if you’ve either never heard the term or associate it with direct marketing mail. However, as Kenny Van Beeck points out, email marketing can unleash the power the Johnson box. Here’s seven great tips on how to do that:

The Johnson box is the area that is exposed when opening your email. It’s the section you see in the preview pane. This space determines whether people keep on reading your email message or not.

Here are 7 easy-to-use tips to make that Johnson box work like hell.