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Knowledge is power, and that extends to the customer information in your
eCRM systems and other databases. Leveraging that data to extend relevant cross- and up-sell offers into your transactional email only makes sense. And that’s only one of the benefits.
Transactional email has the added value of being ‘event-triggered.’ Generally speaking, a marketing message appropriately conceived to leverage an event will always outperform a broadcast one because you’re more likely to hit an in-market customer. In the case of transactional email, the transaction is the event. Following on the event with the right marketing message based on customer data is the most effective way to capture your customer’s attention.

There are many other advantages to transforming your static, plain-text transactional email into a dynamic communication tool, including:

> Delivery of a fully branded message that is consistent across the entire online experience
> Personalized communication that builds rapport by acknowledging the existing customer relationship
> Increased cross- and up-sell purchases based on current purchases or other real-time interactions
> Higher open and click-through rates from a message that is 100% relevant, anticipated and personal
> Access to an in-market consumer who has already demonstrated an interest in your company


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