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It all started with a simple tweet “@Kvanbeeck is wondering if he will get an upgrade for his wife’s 30th birthday @ #Westin #Venice tomorrow.” 30 minutes later I got a new follower @Starwoodbuzz and a kind tweet reply “Hi Kenny. We’ve informed the hotel and they’ll do their best. Have a fantastic stay and happy birthday to your wife!”
When people receive an email, it is just a matter of seconds to decide which emails they are going to read.  Email marketing can be very effective and the open rate can be very high, if it is done correctly.  

1. The most important thing to pay attention to is the “subject-line”. After all, the purpose of the subject line is to intrigue readers into opening the email.
2. Success also depends of the “from-line”.
3. Finally one should find the best timing to send the email.
You can get different results from your email newsletter depending on what day and time you send them.
Guesswork, testing different times/days and carefully monitoring your email stats is normally the best way to find out but here is a great shortcut for you… Why not use Twitter as a new input.

Here is how you do it: