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Reaching the inbox of your customers and prospects and generating a high response are inextricably linked. Subscribers quickly tire of irrelevant messages and will complain by clicking the "report spam" button, depressing response rates for all campaigns. The only way to improve inbox deliverability and response is to create compelling subscriber experiences. Subscribers want email that has valuable and interesting content that promotes products they want to buy and that comes at a frequency that is neither too often nor too seldom.
Digital communication is getting a bigger piece of the marketing strategy pie every year. Strong relationships with your customers become more important every day.

Integration between four essential marketing elements is crucial to manage and increase the efficiency and productivity of your online customer contact, and offers a lot of opportunities. Email, CRM, web analytics and social all have specific advantages, combining these four offers even more added value.
What you should understand is that email copy is not the same as webpage copy or certainly not dm print copywriting. The nature of the medium combined with the carrier of the message (internet/monitor) makes it less tangible and more interactive. Email copywriting should therefore respect certain rules to maintain its effectiveness.

Quick overall copywriting tips
1. Target your message to the right audience
2. Get to the point
3. Keep it simple
4. Give the recipient more than one link
5. Provide relevant information
6. If possible sign your work
7. Make your email copy scannable
8. Apply the 5-30 rule
9. Make sure your call-to-action is obvious
10. Use a short and clear subject line
The address fold holds 4 main components:
• The from address
• The from name
• The reply address
• The subject line

Each of these 4 components has a particular impact on the success of your email marketing campaign.
The email body is certainly the most important element of your email campaign. It is this space that will determine the final effectives of your campaign. The email body is all about relevance - bringing the right message to the right person at the right moment and in the right tone of voice.
A great video starring Kenny Van Beeck (myself), Tamara Gielen (Belgian email marketing consultants) and many other great email marketing ninja's @ MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Summit Vegas 2011. Jeff you got my name wrong "Van Beeck" with a C ;-)
To collect the source data for the benchmarks, the IAB email marketing task force focused on the top active ESP’s (Email Service Providers) and advertisers on the Belgian market. Off course, other parties were welcome to participate as well. Thanks to the participants, the Belgian email benchmark report 2010 comprises detailed results on over 300 million sent emails in 2009. 

Here are the overall results:
This third and final day started with a very enthusiastic presentation on the role of email marketing in inbound by Karen Ruben of HubSpot. She made it very clear that email marketing in an inbound approach is all about content. So you have to work on your mobile rendering and social authority. Certainly now that Inbox priority by Gmail and the Social mailbox by Facebook are looking more and more to human interaction to filter out our email marketing messages.

Yesterday’s summit afternoon consisted of dual track, divided in B2B and B2C tracks. I choose to go for the B2C tracks. These are my findings.

The Air Canada Case:
I specially chose this case because I was pretty impressed by this company when they showed their email marketing approach at MarketingSherpa summit back in 2008. It seems that Air Canada is still on the same wave launching their WebSaver program. The initial strategy of dynamically segmented content depending on people’s preferences is still there, but they enhanced it with some new approaches. Social, mobile and fare alerts are some of them, but I was pleasantly surprised by the use of geo targeted banner communication in their overall strategy. Keep up the good work guys!