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What you should understand is that email copy is not the same as webpage copy or certainly not dm print copywriting. The nature of the medium combined with the carrier of the message (internet/monitor) makes it less tangible and more interactive. Email copywriting should therefore respect certain rules to maintain its effectiveness.

Quick overall copywriting tips
1. Target your message to the right audience
2. Get to the point
3. Keep it simple
4. Give the recipient more than one link
5. Provide relevant information
6. If possible sign your work
7. Make your email copy scannable
8. Apply the 5-30 rule
9. Make sure your call-to-action is obvious
10. Use a short and clear subject line
The address fold holds 4 main components:
• The from address
• The from name
• The reply address
• The subject line

Each of these 4 components has a particular impact on the success of your email marketing campaign.